LivTek India celebrates Mother’s Day by introducing Mountains of The World collection by Monteverde USA® targeting working mothers to salute the spirit of women empowerment. The Mountains of the World collection rejoices the world’s most appealing and inspiring natural wonders. These spectacular landforms offer serene backgrounds – serve as a constant reminder of our nature’s wealth.

LivTek India Celebrates Mother’s Day By Honouring the Courage In The Corporate World With New Collection
LivTek India Celebrates Mother’s Day By Honouring the Courage In The Corporate World With New Collection

The dynamic range of mountains of the world displays their exclusive tones and energy. Each pen is decorated with refined chrome trim, manufactured from solid acrylic resins and features a smooth ergonomic clip.

The Black Mountain pen series are named after the breathtaking spruce and fir trees that darken the scenery; the mountains are a prime example of the elegance of nature. Inspired by the sweeping beauty of this iconic mountain range, black gunmetal accents bring dimension to the classic uniform look, with a stark black nib on the fountain pen option and fine resin to tie the style together.

Mount Denali pen series offers tribute to the Alaskan mountain which is the highest mountain in North America. The handmade resin highlights the beauty of these classic designs, featuring hues of icy blue with highlights as white as snow.

Mount Vesuvio pen depicts the power of nature – expressed in this collection with fine writing instruments that feature the great details of lava and ash. Each pen is matched with chrome accents to highlight the bold surface of the pen’s design and reminds the most iconic volcano in history.

Mount Everest towers over the world in the Himalayas, making it the tallest mountain across the globe. The specially selected acrylic resin in this collection perfectly illustrates the chaos and beauty of this awesome spectacle.

Mr Vinod Krishna, Chairman, LivTek India expresses, “This year, to celebrate the Mother’s Day, we are offering the wide range of Mountains of the world collection by Monteverde USA® in India to honor the courage, resilience and confidence of mothers in the corporate world who are balancing their family and professional life. The exclusive range of Mountains of the world will certainly boost their lifestyle and self-esteem.”

LivTek India is part of a consortium which has diversified interests in packaging, warehousing/logistics and luxury goods distribution. LivTek India Pvt. Ltd has been at the forefront of getting major lifestyle brands into the country that help plan, organise and enrich life. The Company is headquartered out of Mumbai and has a focus on bringing in lifestyle products from the UK, France, Italy and the USA. It has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata and representatives in Chennai & Bangalore. The brands are positioned in stores in elite five-star hotels and shopping malls which are frequented by brand conscious clientele.

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