The Influencers who we regard as the stars of social media, posting their double life pictures have become endangered species with a lot of vulnerability, due to the lockdown of a pandemic. The food bloggers, usually clicking pictures of the dishes in the restaurants, are clueless about what to post to keep their subscribers count intact if not increasing.

Some have started cooking on their own, without caring much about how does it taste, and simply focus on the presentation for shiny pictures. The pictures are essential, that’s what sells, there’s no way one can find out how does that taste right. All fooling business.

Some are struggling to present the ordered food on the plate for pictures and videos, to keep their audiences engaging. With restaurants already at loss, having no idea when their properties will start again with dine-in customers, they won’t be interested in inviting the food bloggers at least for a year.

Similarly, the travel bloggers who have to be at a place to promote the destination, hotels, resorts or any hospitality group, have to step out of their house and travel to that place, which looks impossible right now, and for at least 1 or 2 years. Especially the overseas travel bloggers, they are going to have a tough time surviving.

Promoting the local tourist places around would start early. The tourism boards, which usually invites for a FAM trip, are going to take a back seat, and focus more on the barter instead of paying a hefty amount to the premium bloggers. A time will come where property owners will hate bloggers, because they are at loss, and they don’t want to give away the expensive freebies.

The same will be the situation for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. All the dresses, clothes, perfumes, fashion products that they gave to the bloggers for free, won’t be the same at least for a couple of years. People are losing jobs, surviving on the money they had saved, but that’s not going to last for long. Only a handful of bloggers would be able to survive this massive recession that has just started.

The rest would fallout and stop blogging altogether. This will create a space for quality and original writing. Soon, people would stop believing the bloggers, because they are getting aware that bloggers get paid for brand endorsement. Everything is promotional, what bloggers say is never the complete truth, it’s all hyped. Only the honest ones would survive, and it would be very hard for them to gain trust.