Mr. Nanjesha H. N. was on his way to pay his last respects to a close relative when he met with a serious accident near Kunigal, Karnataka and crashed into a tree.

In a rare and unusual occurrence, a branch of a tree measuring 60 cm long and 3 cm in diameter pierced through his neck – entering from the left of the neck and exiting on the right side behind the ear. Mr. Nanjesha was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where he received first aid, and tracheostomy was done to secure his airway.

Mr. Nanjesha H. N. Before and After the Surgery at Sparsh Hospital
Mr. Nanjesha H. N. Before and After the Surgery at Sparsh Hospital

It was an extremely challenging case as all the vital structures, nerves and vessels pass through the neck were severely damaged. He was advised to go to a hospital with more capabilities, and he was brought to SPARSH Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, for further treatment.

But when Mr. Nanjesha was brought to SPARSH’s emergency department, he was unable to speak, and the doctors were not able to get a complete history from him. However, the emergency team stabilised him, and an urgent CT Angio of his neck was done to look for damage to major structures.

In a trauma setting, rapid access to imaging is important in making a diagnosis and guiding management decisions for the trauma team.

The wooden stick was unsterile and carried a lot of contamination (bacteria and fungus along with the splinters). It was a challenge to make sure all the dirt, embedded into the deep tissue, were removed to prevent post-operative infection, abscess (pus-forming due to micro-organisms) and other severe complications.

Removing the stick itself was a challenge. The neck connects multiple critical parts of the body.

Removing the branch without causing further damage to any of these parts was extremely challenging. Any error would lead to irreversible damage and death.

The food pipe (pharynx) was badly damaged, and if there was a leak, it would lead to mediastinitis, which is a life-threatening condition

Mr. Nanjesha was taken to the surgery within two hours of his arrival, with all necessary investigations done and stabilised adequately.

Dr. Gururaj and Dr. Gautham, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, operated on him for nearly 5 hours. They successfully removed the branch, lot of debris and splinters and reconstructed the torn pharynx (food pipe).

SPARSH maintained Mr. Nanjesha on the ventilator, fed him through an NG tube in his nose, monitored for any problems in the post-operative period.

The Challenge was to bring him back to normal as soon as possible. By the end of one week, he was successfully able to eat. The ventilator was removed one day after surgery, and he could breathe and talk by the 4th postoperative day.

He was discharged at the end of the 1st week.

It needed a lot of expertise and skill from the doctors in addition to the support from the hospital in the form of well-equipped ICU, anesthesia team and infrastructure to take up such complicated cases and save lives.

The multi-disciplinary team at SPARSH were able to deliver excellent care with great expertise and zeal.

SPARSH has always lived by the ethos of Faith, Hope, and Love, relentlessly providing the best healthcare to the masses.

Today, thanks to SPARSH, Mr. Nanjesha, and his family are doing well.

SPARSH Hospital, established in 2006 by the renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sharan Patil, is one of the earliest orthopedic specialty hospitals in Bengaluru, conducting path-breaking surgeries in the country.

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With the vision of being a leader in healthcare & serve as a destination for complexities, SPARSH earned a global reputation for path-breaking surgeries, highly-skilled orthopedic interventions with Joint Replacement facilities in its first year.

In less than a decade of inception, SPARSH expanded across 4 locations in Karnataka – Bommasandra, Infantry Road, Yeshwanthpur and Davanagere.

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