When we vote for a political leader, we expect him to make the right decision for the betterment. Instead, what happens is, he halts the ongoing projects.

The first reason is his ego and vengeance for the opposition leader. He simply wants to dismiss all the ideas and halt all the schemes and projects started by his predecessor who was from the opposition party. All it takes is a silly reason and signature on the cancellation order. Sometimes, an NGO is used for raising environmental issues to halt ongoing projects. Someone becomes an environmentalist in the middle of the night and the next day he simply approaches the court and gets a stay for that project.

The second reason is, he wants his cut money. The project is always given to someone who would pay a bribe to the politician for approving the contract.

The money that was spent by the outgoing politician who started those projects was public money, which comes from the taxes we pay. The money that the new politician will spend by halting those projects and then starting a new one, in a new way, from a new place, is again taxpayers money.

In all this, where do we stand? Does anybody ask what does the public want? Do we have an option to put our opinion, would anybody even listen to what do we have to say about the ongoing projects?

What if the government had taken a loan from a foreign bank or an organisation for this project, how do you think the government will be able to pay the interest while the project has been halted. The government is left with no option but to pay from their pocket, that is from the treasury, which is filled with taxpayers money. Just imagine the losses in crores the government makes because of that one idiot politician who is running high on his ego and wants to settle his scores and also wants his cut money.

When we go for voting, we are not looking at who is the best party or politician, but we look at who is less worst. We are looking at which one from the list is going to be less corrupt and less slow in executing the developmental projects. Which one is going to be less troublesome and damaging than the others.