A transport corporation in a hilly state recently got a women driver. In fact, she is the only women driver in the whole corporation. It reminds me about the city-suburban local train which again has just 1 woman loco pilot.

We always cheer this one woman for doing the so-called men’s job, but do we ever think that why just only 1 woman. why not 15, 20 or more?. Why are we stuck at the figure of just one and two? Figure two is again interesting. The officials think that if there are two women, then they both would have a company of each other at the workplace and washroom. Wow! What logic!!

Talking about that lady driver of the State transport corporation I mentioned above, has been given a duty of city bus routes, instead of putting her on the inter-city routes, if not inter-district routes. I don’t have any other reason to believe that these 1 or 2 ladies are recruited just to showcase an example of gender equality by various organisations and bodies.

Again these ladies are almost given a side duty, which is more or like the easy job. If you do a legislative count in any state or country, you will find only a few women, that too is given the responsibility of welfare, child, education, textile and all. Even if in the rarest case she is given some big post, the machinery makes sure that she has a powerful group of secretaries backing her and influencing her decisions.

Women from the armed forces, except BSF and the police, are mostly used for side branches like counselling, medics, logistics, back office, and more. In a very rare case, they are sent to the warships and submarines, again just one or two. If they are made pilot, they have to fly helicopters in non-combat zones for transport and rescue missions. And similarly, they will select 2 for flying the jets.

Many times these women are posted for receiving guests, ministerial visits, helping the dignitaries, taking care of their families, and fulfilling their requests. Instead, they should be given the same responsibility as men, but that doesn’t happen.

100% gender equality is just a myth, never found in the real world. But at least we can change this for the next generation, by updating the educational syllabus in a way that has equal stories of great men and women both. But again when that child goes home, the parents (with their old mindset) can again change the kid’s mind, reversing what that kid has learned in the school. But still, when this child grows up and becomes a parent, he/she will start teaching their kids about gender equality. And that will be the beginning of the long journey. I think the gender equality flight has taken off slowly, but it will take decades to arrive for sure.