Subway® India has introduced new Loaded Signature Wraps available in Multigrain and Spinach tortillas. Aspiring to deliver double the filling with double the flavour, Signature Wraps would be added as a permanent menu item across all Subway® restaurants in the country and would also be available on delivery platforms.

The Signature Wraps are made with a double portion of protein to deliver more filling and flavourful experience in every bite. Priced at Rs 210.00 for the vegetarian and Rs 240.00 for the non-vegetarian, we would let the guests customise the wraps as per their choice. The guests will have an option to make any Submarine Sandwich (sub), other than egg sub, at a given price.

Subway Introduces Signature Wrap
Subway Introduces Signature Wrap

“Signature wraps is a big attempt by us to expand the choice for our guests besides sandwiches and salads. We already have smaller sized wraps which worked as a snacking item, but this one is more satisfying because of bigger size and with double the filling,” said Ms Shuchi Monga, Head of Marketing, Subway®, South Asia.

To make it easy for on-the-go consumption and deliveries, Subway® will have special pillow packs in which these wraps will be served.

To promote the new product, we has created a 360-degree marketing campaign led by digital where bespoke creative derived from the main TVC will be played. “The insight for the campaign comes from the fact that today’s competitive fast-paced life leads to a lot of stress and, for a while, one could escape from it by indulging into a full signature wrap. The punch line, load mat le, asli loaded signature wrap le, marries the consumer insight with the core product benefit aptly,” added Ms Monga.

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