Out of The Blue celebrated the essence of France with a 10-day long French Food Festival where the restaurant let the people of Mumbai indulge in the culture of France with the help of gourmet and artisanal French dishes. For the course of the festival the talented Chef of the restaurant, Vivek Swamy incorporated French cooking techniques, such as sautéing, poaching, cassoulet and others to curate a unique dinner and a brunch menu along with their partner from Deli By The Blue, whose renowned pastry chef is Anurita Ghoshal.

Here, one has the chance to try out appetizers such as Goat cheese & sun-dried tomato vol au vents, Charcuterie platter (Salmon gravlax, galantine de poulet, Head cheese, rillette de Poisson), Provencal style stuffed squid, to name a few. In the mains one can try, Asparagus & beet Souffle, Legumes au Vin sizzler (vegetables cooked in wine), Pork steak with sauce Diane and a lot more! In desserts, the Chef will be offering Crepe Suzette, Homemade Plombieres, along with various other mouth-watering dishes. At Deli By The Blue, you can try out handmade desserts such as Assortment of petit fours (chocolates, mini muffins, black-forest pastry, financiers), Madeleines, Lemon meringue and others that are curated by Anurita Ghoshal.

Out Of The Blue's 10-Day Long French Food Festival
Out Of The Blue’s 10-Day Long French Food Festival

Apart from just being a food festival, Out Of The Blue, truly embraced the culture of France to its core, with live music and art that has come from Paris which will be purchasable during the festival, along with masterclasses held by experts and a lot more! Over these 10 days, one has the chance to indulge in authentic French wines especially from Aspri, try out seven different variety of cheese by The Spotted Cow Fromagerie and also sip onto some French beer by Kronenbourg.

French food, as we know, is very popular around the world. Not everyone gets to taste the fantastic essence of French cuisine, and that is one of the reasons as to why we are delighted to be hosting French Food Festival, where we are not only showcasing delectable desserts and delicious food, but we are going a step further to bring out the true ethos of France through art and music as well.

Out Of The Blue’s

Mr. Rahul Bajaj, the owner of Out Of The Blue, said: “The festival opened with the inauguration by the French Consulate General, followed by a Sunday French Riviera Drunch, where there were traditional French dishes coupled with a live saxophone performance.”

On the final three days of this grand celebration of France; Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Out of The Blue will be hosting three master classes! On Friday, the venue will have a Truffle Making Master class hosted by Rudolphe Bianchi, the owner of Bon Vivant Chocolates, this day will also have an exquisite wine and cheese pairing carried out by the wine connoisseur; Shweta Mohanti followed by French Pastry Making Master class by the dessert queen Chef Anurita Ghoshal and to end the French Food Festival Chef Vivek Swamy from Out Of The Blue will be hosting his very own French Cooking Master class in association with The Spotted Cow Fromagerie.

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