It is that time of the year, where all of us have to say a good-bye to this year’s season of Mangoes. The King of fruits which is loved by many, was available in abundance this year, and many restaurants across Mumbai, offered their take on something ‘new and different’ made from mangoes.

The team at Bombay Cocktail Bar have also decided to bid adieu to this ‘Aam ka season’ but not so fast. The chef and the team have decided to use the fruit, to the best, in an exquisite 9-course menu with, thereby letting the mango lovers indulge one last time.

'Aam Season' With The 'The Big Mango Drunch'
‘Aam Season’ With The ‘The Big Mango Drunch’

Calling this event ‘The Big Mango Drunch’ this specially curated 3-course Mango menu.

This will include the signature dished with Mango such as Mango Ravioli Pasta, Mango Pani Puri, Mexican Mango Nachos, Mango Hummus, Grilled Fish with Mango Chilli Sauce and the Mango Cream.

Priced at 1199 + taxes, this will be served only on Sunday, May 26, 2019, between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm, with a special live counter serving Freshly cut Mangoes, Aam Ras with Puris and more. Come and enjoy ‘The Big Mango Drunch’.

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