FinLearn Academy, India’s foremost trading education institution organized a live trading session on the election results day for the trading enthusiasts of the city. The session was organised to help traders take advantage of significant market movements, expected to take place on the important day of elections’ results.

The live trading session was attended by more than 75 students of FinLearn Academy, who ranged between the age group of 18 to 68 years, out of which, 10% were women traders. The session started at 8 AM with briefings by FinLearn experts to provide traders with in-depth analysis of market movement. The session ended at the market closure time.

FinLearn Academy 75 Traders Did Live Trading On Election Results Day
FinLearn Academy 75 Traders Did Live Trading On Election Results Day

When markets opened, the expectation was that the market would hit 12000 levels and FinLearn expected some profit booking to come from around those levels, which happened. Traders holding short term positions booked profits around 12000 levels.

The market performance this year, a week to the lead up of the elections day has been very interesting and different than in the past election events.

Mr. Hitesh Chotalia, Head of Education at FinLearn Academy, said, “Traders at large like to have a pragmatic control of their trades. They seldom get overwhelmed in times of volatility and are likely to make judgment errors. To address this issue, FinLearn Academy conducted a Live session on election results day when there is major market movement, that provides the right opportunity to showcase how they can increase their win size and also timely act to minimise their loss size.”

Talking about the euphoria on this innovative event, one of the trader participants said that “The event was a great opportunity for me and the fellow traders to test our skills, kick start our investing journey, and earn attractive profit% along the way. Presence of an expert had a re-assuring effect. I look forward to participating in more such events hosted by FinLearn Academy.”

FinLearn Academy has undertaken a series of trading programs aimed at educating traders about the great returns potential offered by stock market day trading. The live trading session conducted in Mumbai was served to improve the potential trading education provided to students of FinLearn Academy.

FinLearn Academy is a Trading & Investment education initiative delivered through both physical classroom and online platforms. Vastly researched and relevant trading and investing programs across all asset classes – Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodities, and Currencies are designed and delivered by experienced instructors. Bringing state-of-the-art technology and diverse mediums of program delivery, FinLearn Academy is creating an immense financial learning opportunity for people who want to excel in this field.

We are passionate about providing innovative, practical, and affordable trading and investment education while mentoring all traders at a one-on-one level. We ensure that each program is designed and delivered in a customised fashion to suit the needs of every individual trainee so that they can achieve their learning goals.

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