Mumbai’s biggest fashion and creative institute INIFD Borivali showcased designs by their Designer Students in the first edition of their fashion show called Layer’M 2019. The fashion extravaganza saw esteemed dignitaries from the world of fashion and design such as Mr Ashley Rebello, Mr Kawaljeet Singh, Mr Salim Asgarally, Mr Ken Ferns, Mrs Bhamini Subramanyam, Dr Vaibhavi Ranavade, Ms Manjula Jagatramka and many others, attend the event.

Model walks the ramp at Layer'M 2019
Model walks the ramp at Layer’M 2019

The layer of fabric has always been an integral part of human life in all the Civilizations all over the world. The journey of layering starts straight from birth up to the end of human life. Hence, fashion is the culmination of various creative layers, has become a vibrant phenomenon in our lifestyle. The theme for Layer’M 2019 is Aurora – Northern Lights. Aurora also known as polar lights or northern lights are a natural display of lights seen in higher latitudes created due to charged particles combined by solar winds. The beautifully lit display of colours is chosen as the theme for the year to illustrate different layers and shades of colours that the event brings for the audience.

Team INIFD Borivali with honourable guests from fashion industry
Team INIFD Borivali with honourable guests from fashion industry

The collection was showcased in three different shows – Kids collection, Adult collection and the finale show featured the Best of INIFD Borivali.

Show 1 – Kids Collection

Seven collections for kids was showcased in this show. Round 1 was the high-end sportswear by designers Jagriti Gehlot, Raina Shah, Riddhi Savla, Raieya Noor and Sony Singh. Round 2 drove inspiration from the land of fairies by designers Sameeksha Poojari, Dhanvi Solanki, Jagriti Gehlot, Drashti Jasani, Janvi Shah, Dhwanil Vora, Jinesh Tailor and Hinal Shah. Collection in Round 3 was party wear by designers JYOTI Sihag and SARITHA VEERABOHINA.

Round 4 was called Ziddi Tribes by designer Khushboo Saboo. This funky casual wear for kids is inspired from the super magical unicorns. These highly energetic designs are created in those pinks blues and tinch of yellows. The designer herself customised the print used in the collection. This collection was presented in associated with NGO kids. Dongri to Degree, a social initiative by the youth of our society, was started by a bunch of college students at the time, in Borivali. They came together with an idea and a hope to do their small part in the betterment of the society that we live in.

Design Collections at Layer'M 2019 by International Institute of Fashion Design
Design Collections at Layer’M 2019 by International Institute of Fashion Design

Round 5 was inspired from the mysteries of the fairyland by designers Hetvi Vora, Heena Khan, Pranita Jain, Ruchi Gupta, Vrushi Doshi, Riddhi Shah. Round 6 collection was playful and appropriate for the summer season for live-O-holic millennials by designers Hetvi Vora, Ranjana Singh, Jinesh Tailor, Khushboo Dayya and Kruti Shah. The seventh and final round in Kids category celebrated twinning by designers Priyal Shah, Krina Mehta, Dhwanil Vora, Heena Khan, Hinal Shah, Ruchi Gupta, Janvi Shah, Debolina Biswas and Sayli Chavan.

Show 2 – Adults Collection

This show again had seven different collections showcased in seven different rounds. The round was informal wear inspired by the derby of the 20th century by designers Hiral Kubadia, Monali Kakkad and Akshita Furia. Round 2 collection was contemporary wear designed in soft colours by designer Rajvi Savla. Round 3 collection was all about whilrs and Twirls by designers Komal Jadhav, Neel Mody and Krishna Shah. Round 4 collection was casual wear with the use of denims and organza material by designers Sameeksha Poojari, Dhanvi Solanki, Drashti Jasani, Prapti Datta, Dhwani Darji and Dishika Kothari. Round 5 collection was inspired by the warmth of the sun by designers Aishwarya Katariya, Samantha Ferreira, Pranita Jain and Vrushi Doshi. Round 6 collection was by the talented lot who have made their mark on the globe like GENNEXT@LFW and Asian Designer’s Week, and their palette was inspired by Gemstone Colors. The designers were Preksha Mehta, Khushboo Saboo, Ayushi Agarwal and Richa Shah. And Round 7 collection was a fusion saree collection by designer Richa Shah.

Layer'M 2019 - Fashion Show in Mumbai
Layer’M 2019 – Fashion Show in Mumbai

Show 3 – The Best of INIFD Borivali

The final show of the evening showcased seven best collections of INIFD Borivali. Round 1 was formal and corporate wear by designers Anupama Dhanuka, Nayla Shaikh, Menka Khushwaha, Osvita Vaz, Rakshanda Munshi, Manushi Jain, Umang Gala and Meet Shah. Round 2 collection was a flamboyant resort collection by designers Rinal Jain and Palak Dhakad. Round 3 was the dramatic fusion wear by designer Akil Daduji. Round 4 collection was fusion ethnic wear, focus being on subtle and chic looks by designers Nupur Thirani, Ayushi Agarwal, Nidhi Rajpurohit, Arushi Shah. Round 5 collection was inspired by Safari Resort with earthy colours by designers Neelam Jain and Ruby Dogra. Round 6 was about evening wears inspired by the rays & shapes of PRISM by designers Nupura Ranadive, Khushboo Saboo, Saritha Veerabohina and Jyoti. The grand finale of Layer’M 2019 was designed with electrifying florescent colours & vibrant textures by designers Hardik Bamaniya, Neha Dhariwal, Pranay Kadam, Preksha Mehta and Sushant Tamang.

Designs at Layer'M 2019
Designs at Layer’M 2019

INIFD (INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION DESIGN) and IAOI (ACADEMY OF INTERIORS) Founded in the year 2017, is situated at the heart of the Suburb, the most youthful commercial streets of Borivali West. The institute has come a long way in carving a niche for young, promising, budding Interior and Fashion Designers with a range of courses to offer the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

Designs by the Students of INIFD at Layer'M 2019
Designs by the Students of INIFD at Layer’M 2019

Studying at INIFD Borivali West gives you the benefits of Qualified and Well Experienced team of Faculty Members, appropriate guidance all the way through Educational Tours, marketplace Surveys and industrial unit Visits, potential career openings & opportunities in the industry Computer lab, Internet facility, Computer Aided Design in Interior & Fashion Design, Garment Construction and industrial sewing Machines, chance to participate in Mega Shows and Exhibitions, Presentations through Slide show, Seminar & Guest Lectures conducted by well recognized personalities of Fashion and Interior experts.

Fashion Designs at Layer'M 2019
Fashion Designs at Layer’M 2019

Workshops conducted for practical knowledge, personal attention given to every student, Classrooms with sufficient space for students to work.

Layer'M 2019
Layer’M 2019

This emerges into wonderful opportunities for our youngsters- to contribute in the real world of Fashion and Interior Design, work closely with the choicest brands, feature on shows, exhibitions and competitions, whilst still pursuing their studies at INIFD (International Institute of Fashion Design) Borivali West.

Surjeetsingh Manchanda Director - INIFD at Layer'M 2019
Surjeetsingh Manchanda Director – INIFD at Layer’M 2019
Designer Ashley Rebello at Layer'M 2019
Designer Ashley Rebello at Layer’M 2019
Designer Kanwaljeet Singh at Layer'M 2019
Designer Kanwaljeet Singh at Layer’M 2019
Designer Salim Asgarally at Layer'M 2019
Designer Salim Asgarally at Layer’M 2019
Layer'M 2019 Designs by INIFD Students
Layer’M 2019 Designs by INIFD Students
Showcasing the Designs at Layer'M 2019
Showcasing the Designs at Layer’M 2019

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