Recently a level-five fire was reported from a commercial property in the city. After a week, the fire saheb stated that the fire-fighting system was non-functional in that property, and the actions will be taken. Of course, they will come up with a plan of inspecting the properties once a year or two, taking legal actions on some to show some progress on record, and the rest all will be settled through other mediums. You know what I mean. This is not a solution.

Fire doesn’t take place in commercial properties every day, but whenever it happens it just creates a buzz for a day or two or a week in the news and social media, and then nothing. Netas from all opposition parties will give their statement doubting the role of fire saheb, and then people forget the incident and move on to another news.

In my opinion why go behind fire saheb. Why not go behind those companies who provide fire safety set up on a temporary rental basis for new and old commercial buildings. Yes, there are companies who do provide all the fire safety equipment on rent, like fire hoses, hose pipes, fire sprinkler system, and all just to pass the inspection visit. Not just equipment, they provide you with the whole package wherein they send their men to your property for installing everything.

Once the fire saheb does the inspection of that commercial property and issues the fire safety approval for using the property, all the equipment are then removed and taken back by that same company who provided and installed the equipment on the rental basis.

The fire saheb is not an idiot, they can easily tell whether this equipment is new or pre-used. But here is the catch, they create the report about the presence of the equipment changing few words which will keep them safe, in case if anything goes wrong in the future. You know how the sahebs in the departments write, their language is a little bit different, always giving more priority to the safety of their own chair, I mean their post. By the way, I don’t need to tell you why they do this.

So if there is a re-inspection after few years, that saheb will not be in danger, because by that time, the equipment must have already been removed and returned to the company it was leased from. That means no question of checking the functionality of something which doesn’t exist in the place.

The equipment installed is not fake, it is real, but it is temporary because it is rented. Instead, it should be purchased by the construction company and it should be installed permanently. The construction company to save money, buy this equipment on rent, but by doing so they are putting the property and lives in danger. Instead of going behind fire sahebs from all the cities and districts, why not go behind the companies who are leasing fire safety equipment just to pass the fire safety inspection.