People buy fake followers for their social media accounts to promote themselves. If you are new on social media, you might have a few to 100 followers or a little more. But what if you want more, how would you do that. You may search for the websites providing ‘followers services’, select a package, pay them and they will help you gain 1000 to 50,000 followers or more as per your requirement.

Once you have a big number of followers, new people visiting your profile would get attracted to those high number of followers you have. They would see you as some kind of a big shot or an influencer, and they may start following you. Numbers attract people. But sooner or later your numbers of followers will start to decrease, here is how the whole process or the modus operandi works.

When you visit a new website, let’s say a food ordering website, you are asked to register before you can place an order. While registration they give you an option to cut short the process by simply opting to log in using your social media account. So when you click on one of the options which say ‘Continue with XYZ Social Media Account’, it gives you a pop-up having 2 buttons, ‘allow’ or ‘cancel’. Most of us don’t read what’s written, and we simply click on the allow button.

By clicking that button what you just did is, you allowed the food ordering website to access your personal social media profile, which means they can post, see your friends list, followers list, the following list, all the likes, dislikes, loves, follows, and unfollows you did in the past, along with to who all you had to subscribe. All this without even informing you. Now just imagine if they have 80,000 customers, in that 50,000 customers have clicked on that ‘allow’ button, instead of going through the whole registration process of creating the username and password and all. They now have access to 50,000 user accounts.

Now, these 50,000 user accounts ‘access key’ is sold to the companies that run a fake followers business, providing services to their customers who buy packages for getting followers. Note: They don’t have your actual user id and password, but instead they just have an API key to access your account which is provided by that social media website to the food ordering website in our example. This is what is been sold, not your user id or password.

Almost all the companies sell these ‘Access key’ data to many companies. Not necessary to just fake follower businesses, but to research companies who just analyze your data to find the user behaviour, what they like and what they don’t. This data is used for marketing products. They don’t post anything on your profile, but they just read everything. Coming back to the fake followers business, they would just use the ‘Access Key’ to follow like or subscribe to their customers who have bought a package from them to increase their followers count. This means your account just liked, followed, or subscribed without your consent.

Soon the user will start getting feeds of this liked, followed or subscribed account, which the service providing website has done for their customer secretly. So now what happens is, he will either continue following him/her or simply unfollow. The user simply ignores it and doesn’t think much about “When did I followed this person?”. And this is how your fake followers’ numbers start decreasing. Sometimes the numbers start dropping a little later, depending upon how often you post, and how often your post comes across the user (the victim). Also depends upon how regularly the user is using that app, if he is addicted to the app, then things can be superfast.

If your numbers are not decreasing, the service provider (fake follower website), from which you bought these followers, will start the reverse procedure. This means he will start unfollowing, unsubscribing you from those same accounts which were used for following or subscribing. Not 100%, but at least 60 to 70% in a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

The reason is simple, they want you to pay them regularly, I mean every couple of months. Not everybody can afford to keep spending money on buying fake followers, except celebrities. In fact, celebrities are not even aware that 80% of their followers are fake. it is only the PR who keeps boosting their accounts and posts with such fake services. Remember, never use your social media account to login into a third party website. You never know how your account is used. Online privacy is just a myth.