It was the final evening, of 16mm festival, they had a lot of activities there. They were going to premiere films of all the winners of Straight 8, Ek Minute, International Shots and more.

It was a longish program; there were breaks and door opened in the middle. People did skip one and then came back for another, but I was sure I did not want to skip anything. And I survived this slightly longish program that was hosted by Harkat Studios.

They had kept the best for the last because that’s the only projection of 16mm, those were the workshop films, and those were beautifully made films. They’ve all been hand-made, hand-processed at the Lab, making things from scratch and literally made the films with their own hands.

The straight 8, founded in London, 1999, is a global one-super-8-cartridge-no-editing short film competition.

Straight 8 One Super 8 Cartridge No Editing Short Film Competition
Straight 8 One Super 8 Cartridge No Editing Short Film Competition

To speak from the basic point of view, the super 8 cartridges that come, are just like an SD card in your camera. But there’s a film inside it, and it lasts for one and a half minutes.

Straight 8 contest is about filmmakers who, have or get access to a camera, get a cartridge along with the straight 8, they have to put this on the camera and shoot the entire film in sequence, so there are no retakes, there is no editing, there is no sound. In a lot of films there are sound, but sound comes later, and you just have to shoot the film.

So for example, if you have a shoot at Santacruz, and a next shot is in Churchgate, you have to first take this shot, take a cab, go to Churchgate, take the next shot and then come back to Santacruz and take the third shot of that sequence.

All the film that I saw were a single take, single shot films, done in one go and that’s the ingenuity of it.

About the sound, as they are not allowed to see the film until it premieres, so they shoot it, and they send it to the lab. Films are processed, and then the filmmakers and everyone see the film for the first time as part of the audience.

With the possibility of sending the sound, I mean you can send a separate soundtrack with it, hopefully, it gets synced, and everything matches. So if you see any clap, and it matches with the visual, that is amazing.

Films screened that day (16th December 2018) were…

About fitting in [By Le Berg]
From Russia with monsters [By Cut and Paste]
I am Ocean [By Indigo Asia Productions]
If [By Skin and Bones Film]
In Love [By Candice Nachman]
Répetez s’il-vous-plait [By The Producers Brisbane]
Satan’s bite [By Dean Puckett]
Split Personality [By D&ad]
Still Life [By Taiyo Kikaku]
The Bird Spa [By The Local Production Company]
The last valentine [By Rothco]
What a drag [By Jake Kuhn]
Woman Potion [By Moonwalk Films/Bless]

So all these films were selected by Harkat Studio as part of this Film Festival. These are the best films of 2018. Straight 8 had a film contest just last week.

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The person who runs a contest was also included in the screening at the last moment.