After watching Sacred Games 2, I was disappointed with this under-cooked and shabby flow that didn’t meet the expectations.

Sacred Games 2 is a flashback, starting well off in the first two episodes, then making a world biryani while mixing all the stories, before and after. It took a while for me to understand and link up the dots, still leaving confused.

Sacred Games 2 Review Foolish & Confusing
Sacred Games 2 Review Foolish & Confusing

No doubt, Pankaj Tripathi, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s performance kept me watching the whole series in one go. Amruta Subhash and Kalki Koechlin doesn’t fit in this role, and I kept looking at my phone to check any messages or email whenever they appeared. Kalki Koechlin still has a story to back her in the role, but Amruta Subhash is literally a casting failure. Her dialogue delivery and expressions doesn’t match at all.

Memes are the only thing which I liked, especially from Nawaz. The thriller that we saw in Sacred Games 1st series is completely missing with focus on the baba and the ashram and all their activities. That was too much of footage.

They could have made it more interesting to show more of the Gaitonde and Bunty then to focus more on Baba’s ashram and their activities. Of-course we love his acting, but then the expectations I had for this 2nd series didn’t met.

The worst part of the series is the end climax, which is simply stupid. The makers, to avoid coming up with the usual climax wherein the ticking bomb is disarmed just before 5 seconds, they leave the audience to decide themselves to what would have happened.

Is it because they want to come up with season 3, maybe or maybe not. But if they do, we should not be surprised if the baba is reincarnated — pathetic story-line. I love the first series, and I am happy watching that again if I get time.

I rate this series 3/5

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