Romeo Akbar Walter starts with fast pace, In less than 20 minutes, our agent Romeo Ali (John Abraham) is selected, trained and sent to Pakistan for spying. His is already in somebody’s room searching for those crucial files just before the 1971 war.

No funky music, with perfect production & costumes of the early 70’s. Romeo Akbar Walter is the first Indian film I’ve come across which takes you in depth of the working environment of Indian external agency, RAW (Research & Analysis Wing). Something which is not accessible to the common public.

Romeo Akbar Walter - RAW Movie Review
Romeo Akbar Walter – RAW Movie Review

Based on true story, an Ex RAW agent whose spy mind benefited India in the 1971 war, revealing many more secrets for a decade. He went on becoming a Major in the Pakistani Army.

Romeo Akbar Walter is slow, Swag by Jackie Shroff (RAW Chief) could be noticed. Boman Irani could have been the best person for this role.

Mouni Roy having a small role was not that effective; the romantic song in the movie could have been dropped. It was completely unnecessary for this thriller.

At times the screenplay was confusing with shabby dialogues, one needs to watch the film for the second time to understand few scenes.

A scene where Pakistani officer is chasing Romeo in the alleys is boring, I mean the Pakistani officer is seen slowing down at many points, to adjust the distance between him and Romeo. That was funny. The direction could have been better.

I rate Romeo Akbar Walter 2.5 out of 5.

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