A story based in the 60s about something unusual in that decade where colour racism was at its peak in the USA. A black pianist Dr Don Shirley’s (Mahershala Ali) set for a concert tour in the country is looking for an all in one white guy who can drive, laundry, valet, and take care of his security.

Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) gets selected amongst others, who was left with no job after the shutdown of the bar where he worked as a bouncer, he calls it as public relations during the interview for this new job.

Green Book Film Review
Green Book Film Review

The journey begins, and you get to see all those everyday scenes taking place between a driver and the boss.

But the screenplay brings out little more with its simplicity. Tony is more of chilled out guy, who loves to tweak things, applies short cuts. Whereas Shirley is more of a polished, has his own set of rules, doing everything in a proper civilised way. Tony speaks slang, while Shirley speaks like Shakespeare.

Green Book is a guide to restaurants and accommodations that allowed black guests in the ’60s.

They get beaten and threatened, almost jailed with handcuffs. At the end it becomes an interracial friendship; they both change and get influenced by each other. The film also shows intolerance, loneliness and understanding the hardship a black man has to go confronting racism, even if he is well-renowned.

“Being Genius is not enough; you need courage to change people’s heart.”

This film reminds about the struggle black people had back then facing segregation in the society, clubs and even the places for the elite.

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This was my first premier screening, and this was the first time I experienced what is it like to watch a film with true film lovers. People clapped at scenes & dialogues, no single phone rang, no in-between talks, no walking away before those closing credits. I just loved it.

This is something I always dreamed of, the real experience of watching a film.

I like the film ‘Green Book’, and I give 4.5 out of 5.

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