Trains, planes or maritime travel- millions of travellers use these modes daily, making the world smaller and infinitely more connected. But ever wondered what kind of planning and logistics are necessary to make these trips work like clockwork? Unveil this and much more on HISTORY TV18’s Giant Hubs premiering on 17th May Fridays 10 pm.

'Giant Hubs' Premieres on HISTORY TV18 on 17th May, 10 pm
‘Giant Hubs’ Premieres on HISTORY TV18 on 17th May, 10 pm

It’s a six-part series will showcase some of the world’s biggest transportation hubs with international travellers and international freight making their ways to far-flung destinations every minute of the day and night.

A 24/7 365 days per year are non-stop happening, providing jobs for thousands each episode concentrates on one Giant Hub. Cutting-edge CGI and first-hand narration will reveal what it means to move millions of people and tons of freight to reach their expected destination.

It will take the viewer behind the scenes of this almost impossible endeavour and find answers to these and a lot more questions.

Watch the craziest transportation, like never before only on HISTORY TV18’s ‘GIANT HUBS’ from 17th May, every Fri at 10 pm.

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