Director Vinay Ram Tiwari’s romantic thriller film “Forever” is set to be exclusively screened on the most popular platform Amazon for viewers across the globe. The film is produced by GVK Films and has television heartthrob Rakesh Bapat in the lead role.

Forever is a unique film for die-hard romantic viewers at heart. The film narrative & story line is very contemporary yet unique in its treatment. Director Vinay Tiwari has approached the subject with a little bit of thrill & mystery to the intense love story. The colour palate, the locations, and the background music adds to the look & feel create a distinct aura.

'Forever' Film Poster
‘Forever’ Film Poster

The film takes the audience by surprise with a unique twist that the madly in love couple are separated by an unfortunate stroke of destiny, yet their love lives on.

Director Vinay Tiwari said, “This film will appeal to every individual who is romantic at heart. In that sense, it is a very relatable film that audiences will find an instant connect with. To find anyone who does not subscribe to the idea of being loved is difficult since we all like to be loved. I always believe love always lives on, has nothing or little to with body forms. This is what I have tried to show in my film.”

Producer GVK said, “I like the way Vinay has portrayed love, created the romantic characters and his understanding of the medium. I decided to back it since what you will see in Forever has not been done before. The audience will be surprised to see the turn of events and how love never dies.

The film is Hinglish & entirely shot in and around the UK. The songs are true to its narrative & are very romantic with meaningful lyrics, especially the one sung by Sonu Nigam.


Her life was snatched away against her will, but she yet decided to live & was found breathing.

No one existed for Sanam and Shinara. They were engrossed in weaving their path, breathing for each other unaware of impending events at high speed.

While walking, holding each other’s hands on the path woven by them, suddenly lightning struck and demolished everything, Shinara was shot dead in the robbery that went wrong.

Devastated Sanam was left alone, living to die, searching for Shinara in every corner of his heart, he could not come to terms that she has left him and gone forever, with the hope in his eyes he was dead sure Shinara is somewhere around, and one day to his dismay he discovers Shinara is living and breathing, his life takes a 360 degree turn bouncing with joy, gives him a reason to live again.

While resurrecting his life, Sanam comes across a bitter fact about Shinara that a man is involved, but then there is no other option for him but to live with the truth.


Rakesh Bapat, Nisha Aliya, Michael Roy Andrew, Ashwani Chopra


Produced by: Gian Singh Kharaud
Co-Produced by: Vinay Ram Tiwari
Written & Directed by: Vinay Ram Tiwari
Cinematography: Amarjeet Singh
Editor: Mitesh Soni
Sound Design: Ganesh Gangadharan
Music: Vinay Ram Tiwari
Lyrics: RashmiVirag, Kunwar Juneja, Vinay Ram Tiwari
Playback: Sonu Nigham, Vinay Ram Tiwari, Nisha Tiwari
Costume: Ananya
Background Music: Raju Lalwani

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