It was almost after decades; I went to watch a theatre play. Thanks to Ms Purabi Bose for that wonderful gesture.

Knowing very little about this play, one thought that came to my mind was, will the script be original, or have they changed it to suit the scenario of 2019. A time when the wall has already been erected. How will the audience connect to that era?

I took the seat, and in a couple of minutes the play starts with two actors sitting in the library talking in English. I asked myself, is this the right theatre I am sitting in, or have I made a blunder.

After 30 seconds I started getting the sense of what the director has come up with. The two characters are playing two roles.

A character of that era and also discussing the play sitting in the library in 2019, giving their views and opinions.

The story is very common though for today’s time. But the simplicity, the dialogues, the costumes and a little humour of that era is what one should go to watch this play ‘Deewar’.

Scene from a Play called as Deewar
Scene from a Play called as Deewar

Amongst the audience there were few, I heard, had watched this play at Opera House (Girgaon) in 2018, on the occasion of 40th Anniversary of Prithvi theatre.

The reason they came for the 2nd time to watch ‘Deewar’ at Prithvi I understood was the connectivity between the audience and the actors, the vibes, the theatre itself. Whereas the Opera House is something big, something that has a good distance between the stage and the audience.

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