Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash Rider’s Second Helmet

Whiskers charcoal face wash is something I came across very recently. I was planning my motorbiking trip. The usual drill is to go through the list of ‘To Carry’ items for the road trip, which eventually creates another list of ‘To Buy’ items, which is either missing or almost used and sometimes it has to be replaced because it has passed the expiry date.

Motorbiking takes a toll on your skin no matter what helmet you wear. In fact, I use a good quality of Balaclava to protect my face.

But then still you get a good amount of sweat while riding, which produces a bad odour from your body, and it smells. It makes you and others around uncomfortable.

You feel like having a shower at that very moment, but then still you haven’t reached your destination and can’t afford to bath five times a day in the middle of the road.

I always carried a face wash in my riding jacket. All I had to do is, take a jug of water and use the face wash and I was done.

Whiskers charcoal face wash here comes handy if you are on the road trip in a car with your family.

All the time you are not going to use that car AC right, there are times when you want to have fresh air, and 5 minutes of that open window is enough for that muddy air to make good contact with your skin. This is the case, especially when travelling in regions like Ladakh.

Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash
Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash

This doesn’t mean that you cannot use that simple 20 rupee soap available in every general store available even in the interiors of India.

Let’s be honest here, why would you spend some 300 or 400 bucks to buy a premium quality face wash like Whiskers. I mean even if it is the best and very useful, should you pay that much.

Here’s a straightforward reason why you should use a face wash, and not a bathing soap to wash your face.

This is going to surprise many, and probably the soap companies are not going to like my blog.

90% of the soaps available in the market are not ‘Bathing Soap’; in fact, they are ‘Toilet Soaps’. Yes, if you read the cover of the soap properly, there is a fine print, which says it is a toilet soap.

These are made for use in the toilets, I mean after you finish your toilet business. But still, people in India use these soaps for bathing, using them all over their body, even for hair wash and insanely for washing their face.

Please take out some time and visit that Kirana shop nearby, and ask for any soap and you will read on it as a ‘toilet soap’.

Few brands, which I do not want to name, costing around Rs. 80 to 100 are the actual bathing soap, which they clearly mention on the plastic cover of their soap bar.

The ‘bathing soaps’ are made with oil, and herbal products, of Couse with a minimal amount of chemical to process them.

Whereas, these toilet soaps are made with heavy usage of chemicals like potassium hydroxide.

But then again, out of habit, you may continue using it for bathing, but still, you should not apply for washing your face, even if it is a bathing soap.

Whiskers charcoal face wash has a base of charcoal, which is carbon, made by cooking wood in a low oxygen environment. Something natural, and helps cleansing your skin thoroughly.

After using Whiskers charcoal face wash, the first thing I liked was the fragrance; it’s like as if I’ve applied a good deodorant on my face.

The 2nd thing I noticed after 5 minutes, is the freshness that I felt on my face, not because I rubbed my face too hard giving a massage or anything like that.

But had a feeling of a fresh new skin on my face. No matter if you are shaved or not.

Another thing I liked about Whiskers face wash is, the size of the hole, which is just 2.5mm.

Another face wash I used in the past has a bigger hole almost 4 to 5 mm, which means, many times while taking out the washing soap, I use to receive much more than actually required to wash my face.

Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash Soap
Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash Soap

Of course, this is an excellent marketing technique used by companies so that you consume more soap, and eventually, you finish the product too early, and then you have to buy a new one.

2.5mm Diameter Hole of Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash
2.5mm Diameter Hole of Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash

Let me give you another example.

The famous coffee shop you visit gives you a straw with a much wider diameter, almost 10 mm, this way you consume much more coffee in one sip, eventually finishing your coffee in fewer sips.

You then have to buy more, if you want to sit longer in the café to continue the conversation, or else you leave and make space for the new customer right.

This way there is more sales and obviously more revenue. But with Whiskers, I didn’t see any such gimmicks.

Whiskers Face Wash
Whiskers Face Wash

Apart from face wash, they also have Beard Wash, Beard Oil, Face Scrub, Hair Serum, Hair Gell, Tatoo Balm, and Matt Pomade.

The company was launched in 2017, and all their products are available online for sale.


If you are staying in a dry air environment, for example, Gujarat and Rajasthan, one thing you cannot get rid of is the dust, no matter how protected you keep yourself, even inside an airtight room. Your skin is going to eat a lot of dust.

The face is an important part of our body we all care because that is our identification. Everything revolves around our face.

I mean, who doesn’t want to look fair, everybody wants. Cleaning your face regularly is the best way to keep harmful particles away and damaging your skin, and I think Whiskers charcoal face wash is the best product I’ve come across, and I am telling this with my own experience.

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