Mr. Dhiren Nagda (Left) and Mr. Naren Nagda (Right) – The Owners of the ‘Bonny Fashion Studio’

Bonny Fashion Studio, was introduced to me back in 2007 by one of my friends. Before that, I always bought clothes from ready-made garment stores in malls and brand outlets. Of course, the bigger brands do a lot of research in finding the best sizes that match the Indian customers. But then India is a sub-continent in itself. It is tough to come up with the sizes that will match everyone.

I mean lets says they have a trouser for 38, 40, 42 and 44. But what if I fall somewhere in between 40 to 42 or maybe 42 to 44. Yes, I am talking about a perfect fitting, without any excuses. At Bonny Fashion Studio, you won’t have to compromise anywhere.

Be it the quality of the cloth material, the fitting, the designs, in fact, everything from a colour and size of the button to the thread they use for stitching your pockets, to the actual cloth used for your pockets which will last longer even if you are carrying a big bunch of metal keys in your pocket every day.

I can say this with confidence because I’ve used their clothes very ruggedly in my international travelling of 47 countries. I was impressed when I received my first shirt and trouser designed by the designers at Bonny. The owners Mr Naren Nagda and Dhiren Nagda, brothers, are into this business since 1984.

With 35 years of experience in the cloth, material, design, fashion, trend, and twists, you can be assured that you have reached to a right place, or I would like to put it as a ‘Right Person.’

Designer Suits at Bonny Fashion Studio
Designer Suits at Bonny Fashion Studio

The reason I am saying this is because there is another great thing which I like about Bonny, and that is a Human Touch. I mean, whenever I visit the studio, I’ve received the best of the hospitality from these two gentlemen. The best part is you do not have to book an appointment, all you need to do is walk-in, and you will be welcomed like anything.

They would not only give you their time, but they will interact with you as a friend, not just in the clothing area, but in general everything. They have beautiful chemistry with all the customers I am sure. This is something which is there in their nature, something natural, which is not scripted or a ‘Public Relation’ Gimmick. I like their honesty.

Bonny Fashion Studio – Shirt & Trouser Cloth
Bonny Fashion Studio – Shirt & Trouser Cloth

Another thing that I wish to mention here is about their politeness. For example, once I took the delivery of the clothes, for which I was going to make the payment after returning from the overseas trip. So excited I was, that I forgot to make the payment after my return.

Six months passed, and I got a phone call from the studio, very politely reminding me about the payment. I still remember that the studio employee staff chose his words very respectfully, making sure that he is not putting his customer in an awkward position.

The best part is I liked his approach, which is, he was not demanding anything, and in fact, he just called to remind me. That was very polite I must say. I appreciated him, and in next few days I visited the studio and made the payment and guess what, again I received that same hospitality, even though I was embarrassed for the blunder I did in forgetting to make the payment on time, they made sure that I do not feel anything bad.

The studio is fully equipped with all kind of clothing Material (ONLY FOR MEN), which is available for your selection in both the category. That means you can either select a cloth from their premium collection; this reminds me of another point, that is pricing, which I will touch upon later in this article.

And the second way is to choose from the apparel which they have designed, carefully stitched and ready for use, just in case you are in a hurry and want something immediately. They also have a good collection of Waist Belts, Wallets, Jeans, Traditional and lot more.

Bonny Designer Trousers and Waist Belt
Bonny Designer Trousers and Waist Belt

Another thing which I love about Bonny Fashion Studio is their capability of customising anything and everything you want. I mean they would go out of the way to satisfy your needs.

Here is one example.

I once visited Ladakh, and as all the tourist do, I also bought some camouflage clothing from the local market. To my surprise, it was the used military clothing of Korean Army kept for sale; I purchased that as a sample piece and Next day I visited a tailor shop in Leh, and took some 10 meters of camouflage cloth, I had some plans.

Upon returning to Mumbai, I visited Bonny Studio and put up my request with Naren Bhai & Dhiren Bhai and explained to them that I want to make a shirt and a military pant, like the one that I’ve got from the sale in Leh, with the cloth piece that I have bought.

I pointed them the finer details which I need, and also requesting to remove the stickers (made up of cloth) from the shirt I bought and put it on the new shirt that the studio is going to make for me.

After ten days, when I visited the studio to take the delivery of my camouflage clothes, I was very impressed with the fittings and the perfectionism that they’d applied for my military shirt. I was left speechless.

Bonny Fashion Studio - Shirt Trouser Cloth
Bonny Fashion Studio – Shirt Trouser Cloth

I mean the amount of effort they had put in, could be clearly seen and it was an outstanding job. 10 out of 10 for that. That is a different world. The security guy in my apartment started saluting me, I told him to stop it because I am not into the army. He replied “lekin saab aap toh army ke hi lagte ho” He says “Sir, you look like an army man”.

I stopped wearing it for the next six months. But even today whenever I wear it, people keep staring at me. Many times I would shy away because I am just a civilian. With demonetisation, almost everybody faced some cash crunch; I was not an exception. There was a delay in my payment to the studio, but they understood the situation of all their customers.

They maintained their hospitality in such bad times also. I was late in making my payment, but still, I got the same hospitality on that day when I had visited them to clear my payments. I will never forget that day. This was the day when my respect and love for Bonny Fashion Studio got tripled.

The owners Mr Naren Nagda and Mr Dhiren Nagda are a gem of a person, evergreen and ever-smiling. The reason for using the word ‘evergreen’ is because, they look so young, and every time I visit them, they are always wearing some trendy clothes.

Especially the younger brother Mr Dhiren Nagda is always found to be experimenting with colours, styles and all latest trends. These days he is experimenting with the beard, in multiple colours. I asked him if he can give me some of his photos, and he showed me 100’s of photographs in his smartphone ready to be sent on the email.

In the last 12 years, I have never visited any branded store or showroom or any outlet. All my needs are fulfilled and satisfied at Bonny Fashion Studio itself. Be it a trouser, shirt for office or casual. Or be it jeans, shorts, pyjama kurta, 2 and three-piece suits, t-shirts, and whatnot.

Bonny Fashion Studio – Jeans Collection
Bonny Fashion Studio – Jeans Collection

They even made a cloth piece for my suit, not just in 1 colour, but in 4 colours. You will never hear a ‘NO’ from them when it comes to Men’s clothing. You take a picture, if you don’t have one, explain them, or if you are confused, take their advice, and you will get exactly what you want and what suits you the best. Talking about the pricing part, they are very reasonable.

I never bargain, and why should I, when I am getting the best quality service and product with perfect fitting, that too on time. They are professionals, but with a human touch, they will not try to sell you anything, but instead, they will help you out as a friend.

That is the significant difference when you talk to a salesperson and a friend. I’ve seen customers coming to the studio from all class and religions in the city.

Mr Naren Nagda (Left) and Mr Dhiren Nagda (Right)
Mr Naren Nagda (Left) and Mr Dhiren Nagda (Right)

The purpose of this article is to appreciate the great work done by these gentlemen. Today I take out my time and express myself, give my thanks to Bonny Fashion Studio and their owners who have always made me happy and satisfied.

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