‘Dhaja Varasganth’ was my 2nd Solo Photography Exhibition that showcased the moods of the flags in the air and the flag changing ritual of Jain temples. This exhibition was held at NCPA, Mumbai from 1st Mar to 10th Mar 2008.

Holy Duet
Divine Domes
Dhaja Varasganth, Touching way to GODS
Eternal Joy
Archive Flight
Terrestrial Flag Dance
Visible View
Heading Holy Summit
Visionary Vibration
Divine Dialogue
Flags Near and Dear
Crescent Domes and Serene Flags
Heavenly Touch
Flag Changing Ritual
Adeshwar Temple
Lyrical Songs of Flags
Flag Perspective
Forum of Flags
Magnificient Eternal Truth
Flag Changing Ritual Visitors
Flag Symphony
Flags Beautifying Sculpture
Transcendental Samovasaran
Flag Changing Ceremony View
Flags and Open Terraced Beauty
Flag Lyrics
Flag Raising with Heart, Mind, and Soul
Arched Aesthetics
Divine Steps and Souls
Witnessing Dhaja Varasganth Event
Damped Domes and Flag Flutters
Welcome to Kingdom of Gods
Golden Flight of Flags
Flags Far and Near
Harmony in Flight
Jewel in the crown
Flag Atop Kingdom of Gods

I was fortunate enough to be covered by the media for both the photo exhibitions.