A bhaiyaji was asked to pay a bribe of 200 to release his goods from the kachra pani corporation. He approached the anti-bribe company (ABC) and launched his complaint. The ABC ties a camera on his body and was asked to go and pay the bribe. Everything went well, the official was caught taking a bribe, but, was not arrested.

Do you know why every top lathimen officer wants to retire from the ABC? It is because this is where you get the maximum money through the settlements. The cases that come to ABC are simple. One person who has been taking bribe for a long, accumulating a huge amount of money is simply asked to share some part of it after he gets caught. Depending upon how big the bribe amount was and how old is he, and from how long he is in that plum posting, a settlement is reached. A case filed in such a way, which cannot be proved in the court, making the complaining party take back his complaint either by force or by money. In the end, everybody is happy.

Unlike murder, theft or any other crime where an investigation is necessary, which can sometimes take years. While in bribe cases, things are clear and do not require any investigation, the matter gets closed soon. This is exactly what happened with bhaiyaji. The ABC did not arrest the accused citing the reason as the amount involved was very small.

Then why the hell ABC laid a trap? Was it a time pass, or was it because they didn’t have any work (Bakra) in the last month. Instead, a case was filed under some prevention law. The bribe amount doesn’t matter, a bribe is a bribe. The official was caught, and that is a big deal, therefore he should be arrested. But instead, what happened was, the kachra pani corporation used a ‘Revenge Act’ and demolished Bhaiyaji’s shop along with a few neighbour’s, and called it a routine.

These corporation jokers feel very happy taking revenge on people like bhaiyajis, radio jockey, and demolishing the balcony of an actress. But they don’t have the guts to go and break the illegal shops in Bhendi Market, Mohammed Ali Lanes. Because if they do that, all the Bhai and Taporis will retaliate and come down heavily on them. Being soft on someone who demanded a bribe of just 100 is wrong. Just imagine how much he is accumulating daily/weekly from all the vendors in that market. And what would be the total figure of the month or a year? A bribe is a bribe, therefore taking strict action is necessary.