I was always excited about outdoor cooking, especially barbecue. But ten years back, I did not know anything about cooking. It was during my Malaysia trip in 2010 I came across this big shop, catering all your barbecue needs.

That’s it; I took an impulsive decision to buy a full-size barbecue set with wheels. It was made in Italy, cost me around $120.

barbecue grill
Barbecue Grill

Upon returning home in India with my barbecue set, my mom asked me what this is, and where are you going to use it.

I already had plans in my mind. I was going to take it to my ancestral village house in Gujarat.

Soon we had a trip to our village, and there I was assembling it for a couple of hours, readying the barbecue set in one piece.

Next day I was doing a google search to find some recipes, I know you are laughing at me. I wanted something in vegetarian. And soon I came across a mouth-watering photograph of Paneer Tikka with a detailed article.

Excited so much that I immediately set out to a nearby town to buy the ingredients. Paneer, Capsicum, Onions, Tomatoes, and Potatoes. The baby corn was sourced from a farm nearby with a lot of requests.

The farmer in my village didn’t understood the concept of baby corn, he assured me to have as many as I want, after the corn is fully grown and is ready for harvesting.

It was tough to convince him about the baby corn, but finally, he allowed us to pluck some from his farm.

Referring to that barbecue grill recipe, I made that gravy, mixing all the veggies in the curd with all the spices, and kept it in the refrigerator for marination.

Preparing Barbecue Marination Gravy
Preparing Barbecue Marination Gravy

Having no idea how it would turn out, I started burning the charcoal in the barbecue, and guess what.

Marination of Panner & the Vegetables for Barbecue
Marination of Panner & the Vegetables for Barbecue

I lit the fire almost 3 ft. High, soon I realised that this is too much and this will burn my veggies.

barbecue skewer
Barbecue Skewer

After making a couple of more blunders, I was able to grill my vegetables. Some got burnt, some got perfect, and at the end, I was delighted that I was able to fulfil my wish of having a barbecue party.

Panner Tikka on barbecue
Panner Tikka on barbecue

One thing that turned out to be excellent was that mint chutney.

Barbecue cooking is an art; it’s all about fire and the timings. Cooking on gas is easy because you know how much is to be cooked, but fire from wood or charcoal, you need some experience to control the temperature.

Charcoal Barbecue on Fire with Vegetables
Charcoal Barbecue on Fire with Vegetables

It’s also about how and where you place your skewers. Again the timing is essential before you flip the sides and how often you should do it. When to apply butter on it. That’s what they call as greasing.

I learned all this with practice, it took me two more sessions to crack it, understand the chemistry of the marination and the temperature it needs for grilling.

That was my experience what’s yours. Did you ever try cooking outdoor on the barbecue? Let me know by commenting below.

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