Artist Paramesh Paul’s childhood was seeped in spirituality. Painting, for him, has always been a spiritual practice, an act of conscious and creative alignment with the Divine. As one delves deeper into the paintings, one experiences a harmonious rhythm of life imbued with the feeling of transcendence, balance, and oneness with the whole of creation. ‘The Sacred Nandi’ Painting Exhibition was recently showcased here in Mumbai.

Ronit Roy and Paramesh Paul’s at 'The Sacred Nandi' Painting Exhibition
Ronit Roy and Paramesh Paul’s at ‘The Sacred Nandi’ Painting Exhibition

Paramesh Paul began his humble, yet artistic journey, at his hometown in Nadia, West Bengal, where his early years were immersed in creative schooling. Born to a potters’ family, he imbibed all the beautiful engagements with creativity quite comfortably. Added Paramesh Paul, “I am a self-made artist. I began my journey with my family, where we sculpted and created beautiful avatars of Gods and Goddesses. But, after my stay at ISKCON, I had a calling to paint. My paintings are spiritual and nostalgic in nature. My travels inspire them to different parts of India, where I have had the pleasure of finding my compositions based on what I saw and what I felt.”

'The Sacred Nandi' Painting Exhibition By Paramesh Paul’s
‘The Sacred Nandi’ Painting Exhibition By Paramesh Paul’s

“I have been very sincere to my art since the very beginning. I have painted what has appealed to me,” said Paramesh Paul. Growing amid temples with prayers as sweet music to the ears, he grew up to have a natural attraction to the sacred Nandi – the grand vehicle of Lord Shiva, only to capture on canvas, his prayer and his journey.

'The Sacred Nandi' Painting Exhibition By Paramesh Paul’s
‘The Sacred Nandi’ Painting Exhibition By Paramesh Paul’s

The magical mysticism, the riveting spirituality, the vast religiosity of Hindu mythology, Paramesh Paul infuses his works with volatile energy that sees the graceful and sacred Nandi shine bright, both physically and metaphorically. “I find my journey in a life quite fulfilled as an artist when a viewer appreciates and comes forward to talk to me about my works.”

Celebrities at 'The Sacred Nandi' Painting Exhibition
Celebrities at ‘The Sacred Nandi’ Painting Exhibition

Besides ace actor Ronit Roy, vocalist Padma Shri Dr. Soma Ghosh and actor Abhijit Lahiri, writer-filmmaker Anusha Srinivasan Iyer and artists Prithvi Soni, Gautam Patole, Rajendra Patil Para, Ananya Banerji, Gautam Mukherjee, Vishwa Sahni, Amisha Mehta, Sanjukta Barik, Sonalli Iyengar, Rakhi Baid, Ramji Sharma, Ratan Saha, Sonu Gupta and Vishnu Sonawane among many others were present to support Paramesh Paul at the opening ceremony of his 13th solo exhibition.

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All in all, the artist invites you to take a deeper look down your pool of consciousness, intertwined with the roots of heritage and the love for the Supreme.

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Yours is to check out this surreal art transcendence, The Sacred Nandi, at the Jehangir Art Gallery (No. 4) from 6th May to 12th May 2019!

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