In a rapidly growing industry, businesses require a fresh and innovative approach. Every aspect of life demands new ideas, creativity, and a new way to look at. This era belongs to creativity, and thus, design thinking is gaining importance, and professionals having an aptitude and skills are in high demand.

As odd education is becoming mainstream, the field is witnessing demand of institutions like Shankar’s Academy of Art offering cross-disciplinary courses with the contemporary curriculum. There are very few educational institutions in India that offer futuristic odd-ball courses for the students.

Shankar’s Academy of Art Cross-Disciplinary Courses With Contemporary Curriculum
Shankar’s Academy of Art Cross-Disciplinary Courses With Contemporary Curriculum

Shankar’s Academy of Art equipped with one of the largest portfolios of art and design courses in India offering many cutting-edge programs including art, book illustration and Computer Graphics for which it awards Diplomas.

These professional future-oriented odd-ball courses aim to produce skillful professionals who will shape up seamlessly with the work environment and readily meet the requirements of the fast-growing global design economy. These courses offer unique platforms that not only aim at academics but also look to spread awareness of newer, emerging career streams and, perhaps, even lead to job creation.

“Every individual is different with unique talents and varied skills and therefore, should choose a career path according to their passion. At Shankar’s Academy of Art, we aim at providing experiential learning to our students through a mix of in-studio learning, field-work, and theory through this Cross-Disciplinary Courses. The so-called unconventional odd-ball courses are, in fact, well-researched well-thought out courses that have been designed keeping the future requirements in mind. These courses will prepare the students in various streams other than the traditional ones, thus making them future ready”. Said Director, Children’s book trust and Shankar’s academy of art.

To help you discover some less-trodden academic pathways, here are odd-ball courses offered in the field of design:

Computer graphics & Digital Drawing

This unique course is specially designed to keep pace with changing technology and its impact on art and culture. The curriculum integrates traditional drawing and illustration with digital technologies that further the dimensions of these mediums. Drawing based visualization and illustration skills are required in the product, automobile, textile, graphic, and fashion design industries along with massive demand from the printing and publishing industry.

Art Education

While every education board talks about the constructive impact of art in school education, there has been surprisingly no higher education program on art education. This course focuses on preparing art educators for the future. The pedagogical approach ensures creating an awareness of the needs of a global and diverse society. Individuals could become art teachers to children, teenagers, or even adults. Others may choose to work as curriculum directors. It includes outdoor sketches and Basic drawing as a separate course.

Book Illustrations

Every education and knowledge start with books but still in India, no institution is there to provide the understanding techniques and science in the life cycle of a book. This course includes covers art, the making of a picture book, information book, conceptual illustration, and many more.

Color science

Yes, we are making a genuine step ahead to make the future of the world i.e., our student, colorful and also conduct a full-fledged course exclusively on color science which includes theory, the rationale behind using particular shades, warm cool and earth colors, creating textures, etc.

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