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Lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a testing ground for the social behaviour, not only of your near and dear ones but your friends, relatives, neighbours, landlord, boss, the company you worked, the local social workers, the NGO’s, local leaders, to the state and national political leaders.

We all discovered who are the real ones that stood with us in these difficult times. The boyfriends have stopped taking calls from their girls, avoiding all their foolish demands. Those useless relatives who always called us in the good times are nowhere to be found, even on WhatsApp. Those found, gave a cold response.

Many just switched off their phones, just so that the needy ones won’t be able to call and seek their help in return to the support they received from them many years ago. In the neighbourhood, no one looks at you, because looking would initiate the talking, and everyone wants to stay away from the possible virus transmission from their neighbours.

The best part is, the men are not looking at those women in the society, which they never missed the chance to scan her from top to bottom, front and back whenever found entering or exiting the building. The crush on that women has been put on hold. The boss, who use to be gentle with you, has gone crazy, because even his boss is insecure about his own job, expecting their below ones to deliver 100% while they are working from home.

That “Ye Mera Khaas Hai, Mai Iska Khaas Hu” has disappeared all of a sudden. Nobody cares of anything or anybody, it’s just you and you, the self-centred which everybody was in secret, is now out in the open due to the COVID-19 bad times. The landlord, anticipating that his tenants won’t be able to pay the next month, is now coming out with all excuses and wants you to pack your bags and leave.

The company, whose produces are lying unsold, is asking their labours to leave, without any salary or just half the amount. The NGO’s worked for the initial days distributing little essentials, are not to be found anymore. in multiple areas with different clothes, at different times are done.

The leaders and the politicians playing Navratri amongst themselves took a toll on the migrant labours, ending up as spectators in the political games, without food, water, accommodation and basics. “Kabhi Ha, Kabhi Na” from the state leaders again delayed their return journey.

The poor, no matter how uneducated he is, even if he cannot use or raise his voice, still understood everything and saw the true colours of people in this world. Most importantly he lost the trust in the government of the current state where he worked and his home state, where he struggled to return.

Not just poor, but everyone in general, had at least a few eye-opening events in the last few months. This is how people get judged unknowingly, in bad times, displaying their true colours.

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