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The government just started the biggest ever evacuation of our nationals stuck in many countries around the globe, due to COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, we are also going to fly out foreign nationals to their country, so that we don’t fly empty, and at least get some cost recovered, if not a total loss.

Flights in this week particularly, before the lockdown 3.0 ends, is going to give a significant opportunity to the government, airlines, and most importantly the DGCA to test and tweak the rules of flying and set the guidelines. Once the lockdown ends, how much should the airline charge, for a sector or a destination in India and overseas?

What should be the sitting arrangement of economy, business and first-class? Will there be just one meal or people will have to carry their own food. If served, the passengers should be given a paper bag, wherein they can bin their leftover and then drop it in the larger polythene that comes around for collection.

Maybe they should carry with them, and drop it in the larger bin immediately after they come out of the aircraft after landing, to avoid less contact between passengers and air hostess while meals are served. Should the red, orange, and green beverage keep flowing? What about alcohol?

Or should they stop serving these colourful liquids, except plain water, to prevent people from visiting the washroom again and again? Should there be guidelines for the washroom visits? How often the washroom will be disinfected by the crew. If there are no food and beverages served, will the ticket cost come down?

Or will it remain the same to adjust the cost of the empty seat near you? All these flights are going to be a dry run to fine-tune the dos and don’ts for both crew and the passengers. Just be prepared for an entirely new way of flying, which is going to stay for a more extended period. A new norm in the air.

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