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Political leaders in power, would not send a hitman to fire bullets or murder enemies at home, or anything like that. Instead, they make use of government officials from various agencies to make a systematic revenge plan to fix their enemy by harassing and framing charges. The enemy could be anybody from political opponents, critics, whistleblowers, activists, writers, journalists, researcher, academics, celebrity or anybody who speaks or writes something which threatens his/her position and power.

Revenge has to be taken, but it shouldn’t look like revenge. Mr A wants to take revenge on Mr E, but Mr B is asked to make a complaint on Mr E, then Mr C orders an action, and Mr D takes the action on harassing Mr E with enquires for hours and hours, calling him again and again, and finally framing charges and making the arrest if required.

In chess, one aims for the king. But here, they won’t touch the king, they will go behind the horse, camel, elephant, and soldiers to indirectly reduce the King’s strength.

Usually, they don’t go after Mr E directly if he is famous and a high profile, instead, they will go behind his right-hand man, associates, business partners, or the company he is working for and harass them making him weak. This way they are making indirect damages and losses to him. If they go behind Mr E directly, then it will look like Mr E is being targeted, and getting injustice, he is getting harassed and tortured, this way that person will get sympathy from the public.

They would raid businesses his or his family person owns or has invested. A simple technique is to open up their tax returns. When they find suspicious transactions with big figures, the money monitoring agency is called in who looks for money laundering and black money. If Mr E consumes drugs, they will pick up his drug peddler and will be asked to give a statement mentioning the names of all his customers. If Mr E is a womaniser, he will be honey-trapped and filmed, which could be used for public shaming. Sometimes a disinformation campaign is launched to malign the image, defame the enemy, destroying him psychologically. The possibilities are endless when it comes to harassing, fixing or even destroying anyone systematically.

The public should not see it as political vendetta that’s why the law is used to frame someone accordingly, this way they can call it as a routine action. Proceedings should not appear as a revenge to a common man, that is why they use specific agencies having special powers wherein they can use specific law provisions, loopholes, and special acts to harass anybody. Sometimes an agency is created with a specific agenda, which is to be executed a few years later. While creating such an agency, few special powers are assigned, which is deliberately not used for at least a few years, just to keep it low profile, until the day of action. Even the media is managed so that these special powers of this new agency are not highlighted in the news.

If there are any petty crime cases pending against you, they are fast-tracked for the final judgment, making sure you get a jail. If there are fake complaints against you, and you have filed a case, they will delay the progress of your case. The case hearings will take once in 2 years just so that you don’t get the relief soon and easily. Sometimes the case which has already been closed with a judgement is opened again for reinvestigation. Technically, the authority has to take permission from the court, before reopening any closed case, but that is left for later. But for now, you will be picked up or called for enquires and harassed or maybe jailed.

Sometimes, they wait for you to grow and then bring you down. For example, if you have started a new venture, or you are building something big. They will wait for you to reach your goal, complete the project, and once you have built it. After that, they will destroy your venture or the pet project with enquiries, or maligning your image or doing something which makes all your effort useless. This destroys you mentally. I mean you worked hard for something for so many years, and then all of a sudden you lose it, or it is taken away from you, or it is sealed because of court cases, or it is destroyed. Once you go through this, you lose all your enthusiasm to start again. They allow you to get the name and fame of what you did in recent times and then they defame you. That is more impactful. The more famous the person is, the more damage is caused to his prestige. This is how they break you.

Charges which doesn’t make any sense and don’t even need an arrest is framed just to harass. Which means these charges won’t stand in the court and will simply get quashed by the judge. But that comes later when you are produced in the court. What if you are not framed and simply asked to appear for enquiries, again and again, for a complaint made against you. Sometimes a case is registered against you and left as it is just to destroy your image and create a criminal record, which stops you from doing so many things. For example, you don’t get a passport, or you don’t get through things which needs police verification.

Sometimes you are arrested and kept in lockup for long. After waiting for days, you then approach the court requesting them to start the proceedings of the case. But even if you are proved right, you still went through the harassment. That’s how they break you mentally, destroying your morale.

Sometimes, you are called for just a silly thing and interrogated by 3 or more people so that they could hunt something which can be used to frame you. They intend to affect your mental well-being. They want to upset you, which means you can’t think or focus. You won’t be able to respond properly to their questions which are asked again and again in a different way, by different people.

They will ask you to explain in detail every time. When you are exhausted answering the same thing, again and again, you start losing your mind. Even if you are answering them again and again, chances are your statement might have some grammatical changes, for example instead of saying ‘I” you said “We”. They will catch this error, and start interrogating you on this one particular point, again trying to break you more so that you do more mistakes.

They’ll talk to you in such a way that you would get provoked and speak bad words to them and maybe get physical on them. By doing so, now they have something legitimate to frame you. “You abused a government employee”.

“Do whatever you want, go and prove in the court that you are framed, but right now I am in power, and I will do whatever I want.” This is their mindset. They know that they will be proved wrong by the judge, but their goal is already achieved by harassing you now. The energy, time, and money that you waste further in prooving yourself correct in the court in the future hearings are the extra losses and harassment.

It is only in the worst case when they find it difficult to frame you and when they want a quick solution or wipe you out, a truck is sent on your way when you are on the road which crashes on you or your vehicle, with the sole intention of killing you. Again, this should look like a road accident, and not a planned killing. If that is not possible, fake allegations are used, wherein a woman is asked to file molestation or a rape case against you.

A smart political leader will not take action against his enemies as soon as he comes to power, he will wait for 2 or 3 years before taking any action, so that it looks normal. In fact, he won’t even look into the direction where he wants to hit. He will allow his enemy to relax, and he will execute his plan at the right time when his enemy is not expecting any action at that particular given period of time. The surprise is the key element, which doesn’t allow your enemy to think and act.

Remember, the plan is always ready in the mind, but one has to wait for the right time or else it would not make a strong impact. Smart people use this waiting period to polish their plan by doing more research on the shortcomings, hurdles, loopholes in the law and making the plan perfect and watertight so that the target gets a perfect hit with a bold impact, leaving no chances for him to slip away or save himself using loopholes in the system.

This is the period one should divert the enemy’s attention to somewhere else, by doing something which is less impactful but still catches the eye of your enemy and making your enemy think more in that area. Diverting your enemy’s attention, energy, thought process and planning into something else. While they are busy analysing and predicting your next move, you are fine-tuning your plan for the enemy which is walking on a circled path, round and round, in search of some information on your thoughts and moves.

But a smart enemy always keeps an eye for all kinds of possible attacks from all possible directions. They try every method to get to your brain, they may use your old friends asking them to call you and speak to you and find out what is he up to. Not just friends, it could be your office colleague, coursemates, teachers, acquaintances or anybody who knows you.

They would appoint some private detective to spy on you, in fact, even your security guard or the watchman of your apartment is spying on you. Your mechanic is gathering from you whenever you go to him for your vehicle servicing. He will simply ask questions like, “Sir, how come after a long time, did you went out of town recently?” or “If you are planning to go for a long ride, do these changes in the car” this way you may reveal your past and future tours to your mechanic, who is passing your info to your enemies.

Even your dustbin is monitored by your garbage collector who comes daily to your house. One can get a lot of clues by just going through the stuff in your garbage/waste bin. What have you trashed, was it trashed as it is, or was it destroyed completely before trashing, or was something burnt and then trashed? For such enemies, there are different methods used. Let the enemy scratch their hair with nails. Let them keep guessing.

A good habit, after taking revenge is not to boast or do a chest-thumping for what you have done. A smart person will not even look in that direction after executing his plan, he won’t even enquire about the amount of damage caused due to his action to make himself happy or have the last laugh. He won’t talk about it even with his near and dear ones. In fact, he will never reveal his current state of mind about that topic or person to anyone for the whole life. Such people are very very dangerous.

Remember, when you are called for enquires, again and again for silly things, it means they don’t have anything concrete against you right now. Which means, they are actually hunting for something that can be used to frame strong charges on you. This stage is called ‘Nothing To Something’ which is very crucial. And for this, they would use every agency to find out something which can be used to put you in jail. There are so many laws that we break every day, right from we wake up in the morning till we go to sleep in the night, which we aren’t aware of. Such laws are used to frame a person if nothing is found against him. This is what I call as systematic revenge using the government machinery.

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