Hitesh Brahmbhatt

With less than 3 months left for the Biggest festival of Mumbai, that is Ganesh Utsav, things are looking very blur on how Mumbaikars are going to celebrate the festival this year. In my opinion, every Mumbaikars who keeps Ganesh idol for 1 to 5 days should go for nature-friendly Ganesh so that they can submerge the idol in the home.

Also, they should opt for a very small idol, of max 7 inches in height. The pandals having their Raja of their areas should be allowed to get the idols of max 1 and a half feet (18 inches). People in ratnagiri district simply cannot change the size of the Ganesh idols. They have to maintain the same size.

The government should ban the Ganesh immersion at public places in the cities. By doing so, many would follow these, and many would simply head for their village where there shouldn’t be any restrictions of idol height.

But still, social distancing should be practised with a compulsory face mask. Don’t be stupid by saying “Bappa Mere Sath Hai, Mujhe Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta, How will Bappa support you, if you break the rules? So please follow the rules. Ganpati Bappa Moraya!! Mangal Moorti Moraya!!

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