Hitesh Brahmbhatt

The officials in last month have sent thousands of letters to the NGO having FCRA licenses, asking them to update the COVID-19 work details they have carried out every month. The government keeps track of every penny they receive from overseas, and how much corpus fund every NGO has, along with their bank accounts and transaction details.

Since the NGOs have money in their reserve, the officials are eyeing this money for the relief work in the COVID-19 pandemic. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong in this. The government has a right to audit these NGOs and find out who is seriously contributing to the real cause in these hard times.

Maybe based on that the government might renew their licenses or cancel it in the near future. Even if the NGO focuses on matters like child care, education, women empowerment and all, still they can contribute to the essential relief work during this pandemic.

NGOs are on the gas, they have to either prove themselves or get ready for the red flag. The honest ones which are very very rare are not going to face any issues. But those who manipulate and misuse the funds are soon going to be in big trouble. NGOs arguing that they cannot touch their FDs and corpus amount is not going to help, they have to spend the money because that is the need of the hour.

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