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People are getting married against all the odds during the COVID-19 lockdown. Here are the seven reasons I believe why they take such risks.

1) Getting married in the lockdown without guests means no expenses of buying expensive clothes, ornaments, wedding hall, catering, alcohol, gifts and all. This way they save money, assuring the friends and relatives that they will throw a reception party once the lockdown is relaxed. We all know, public gatherings are not going to be allowed soon, even if it happens, people will fear to take part in such events and functions. You invite 500 people, and 300 would turn up; still, you save a hell lot of money.

2) Old age parents having a daughter of an age to marry, with nobody to look after her if they pass away, they want to set her life by tieing her knot before they die. They have some grooms on their mind, and the talks were going on for some time now. Fearing what lies ahead with the coronavirus, they choose the best one and go ahead with a small ceremony. Those living in different districts and cities marry through live video. Simply unbelievable.

3) Jobless boy struggling to find work is worrisome to their parents, they foresee the social atmosphere post-COVID-19 for the years to come, which gives them a sense of insecurity for their son’s family future. They want to tie the knot before the groom’s father pulls out of the marriage proposal.

4) Wealthy parents having a boy who is lazy and doesn’t work, are willing to get their son married as soon as they can.

5) Boy or a girl, with all bad habits like drugs, and all. Their parents just want to grab a chance and tie their knots. Same goes for the divorcee, handicap, physical and mental issues, outlined or anybody having a bad history.

6) One of the parents of either groom or bride is having a poor health condition, and they want their son/daughter to get married before they die.

7) Lockdown Depression + Jawani Ki Aag + Homemaker is the reason found mainly in the rural areas having a single son and ailing parents.

8) Marriages that take place in the political families have a completely different objective to get married; here they don’t see the mahurat, Kundli, education and any such thing.

The only thing matter is the political benefit and avoidance of the rivalry. Just tie the knot from 2 rival political families, and all is good. In the end, everybody wants to save money for the recession that is going to last for a couple of years. No matter how rich you are, but these are the times, you will think twice to spend money and save more and more.

But at the same time, the rich will pay to the poor parents of the bride, who are already in fear and uncertain about their future. That’s very bad, but it is a fact!

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