Hitesh Brahmbhatt

Cities like Mumbai, which has been kept in the Red Zone, is not able to buy non-essentials items from the e-commerce websites. While the Orange and Green zones feel relief that they can finally buy the non-essentials after waiting for 40 days of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. With cases rising every day in Mumbai, the situation is going to get worst in coming weeks, which means Mumbai may remain in Red zone till maybe 15th of June, or maybe less.

In my opinion, putting the whole city of Mumbai under the Red zone is a very tough decision taken by the officials, and I think they are right. But they should give some breather to the citizens. The government should consider localizing the restrictions as per the situation in the area. Since Mumbai is a very big city, the areas could be divided into 24 Municipal wards or through pin codes or areas under police station.

Places can be subcategorized like Red-1 for Dharavi, Red-2 for areas with fewer containment zones, and Red-3 with no new cases in the last 10 days. There are people who had ordered from e-commerce websites before the lockdown began, and they are still waiting for the items to get delivered. Mumbai desperately needs a buying window of at least 1 week, wherein people can buy non-essentials through e-commerce websites.

If not all items, then the government should at least consider adding new items to the essential lists like Mobile Phone, Charger, Printer, Laptop, Memory Cards, Web Camera. This will be a significant relief.

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