Hitesh Brahmbhatt

Even after the lockdown ends, people are still going to wear face masks right. This is going to be a golden treat for the chain snatchers, thieves, burglars, criminals and all bad elements in the society. How would police and security agencies recognise people through the CCTV cameras installed all over, while investigating criminal cases?

How will the Artificial Intelligence software used for the face recognition used all over the world work with partial face data? Usually, the face recognition software would store hundreds of physical data of your face, right from curves, tiny mounts, slopes, length, size and much more.

Of course, they would tweak the software with a minimum required face points to Identify people. But what if 60% of the face is covered, will the software correctly identify people with incomplete data. Will wrong people get picked by the security officials for interrogation.

Maybe in the pretext of the incomplete data, there would be actions to settle personal scores. People would run disinformation against someone, tipping off the officials out of vengeance. Bad elements would not just wear the face mask but dark sunglasses with a cap, covering their whole face.

The extra-marital couples travelling to make love in secret would simply gel in public, hiding their faces from getting exposed to neighbours, colleagues, and relatives who may be possibly or coincidently in that same area. Even if the government relaxes the rule of wearing a face mask, let’s say after a year or two. Still, people would continue wearing them, and there is no law to stop them wearing it. A perfect face hiding provision for the criminals and love birds which is going to last for years and decades.

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