Hitesh Brahmbhatt

The purpose of education is to actually learn, not the examination. But then simply getting passed with the COVID stamp on your certificate is like a dent. Based on the assessment and your past performance, you may be given marks accordingly.

But If the college, without examination passed everybody this year, which was a final year of your graduation, and let’s say, all of them want to apply for a professional course in an institution which has limited seats, then how many of them would be admitted, and on what basis?

Now, of course, not everyone would be willing to do a professional course where a minimum percentage is required for the admission. But what if even 40% of those students go to these higher colleges seeking admission based on the percentage which was evaluated as per the previous year when you were dating and enjoying your college life in the movie theatre, pub or just hanging around having a lot of cheesy junk food.

The question is, will the college be able to give admission to all of them? Because most of them thought “ok, I’ll work hard in the last year, the graduation year”, they never knew that COVID-19 would land next year.

The seats in the institutions are limited; hence those with higher marks are given priority. Ok, papa is ready to pay some big donations. However, there is a limit to how many could be admitted. These days, UGC is pressing on to conduct examinations with extended time period to prepare.

In my opinion, there is no alternative to the examinations, be it online or offline, but not the open book examination. The examination is the only way to give the student what he or she deserves, that is completely based on his performance of this year. Simply promoting everyone would be completely unfair.

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