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More than a month in a COVID-19 lockdown and still a long way to go, people are already planning their next six months expenses with their savings. These are the times where people will go to every extent they can to get more money for their reserves.

One of the things is all that micro-financial help that you gave or received in the past are going to unearth with a pinch of politeness at the beginning. While giving money as a help, those who said, “Return it to me whenever you have money, no issues, I won’t ask you” will strike the conversation very casually, beginning with the problems of the lockdown, turning slowly and diplomatically towards reminding that person about “those 1000 you borrowed from me last year”.

Continuing with, “look, I wouldn’t have asked you, but I am in need” upon confronted by the opposite that even he doesn’t have money for himself. The lender would say “Look all these months I never asked you, but now I need it.” The conversation would either end with simply disconnecting the phone, or “I will call you again after some days. I need it.”

Such are the times when the relations will get hurt. It may even take a wrong turn with anger and bad words bringing out all the past incidents, to make a strong position in the arguments. But there are the times wherein you would find people calling their mechanic, driver, servent, kaam wali bai, and labourers and ask them. If they need any help?

“I can help you with Rs. 1000 or maybe 3000, but not more than that.” These gestures would create a permanent place for you in their heart. But at the same time, there are people who would take this as an opportunity for abusing someone’s bad situation.

Here, in such a scenario, one would deliberately give a loan to a person, keeping in mind that he/she can misuse them in future. That means getting a job done which is tenfold, or sometimes which cannot be valued.

The poor person under the debt will for years and years continue working for that person, doing extras, sometimes going out of the way because he is under that debt. Even if he repays the money, but still he remembers the favour. All I want to say is do good karma because the mother nature is watching everything. What goes around definitely comes back around.

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