Any website, brochure book, emailers of tour operators you come across, there is one advertising technique they will always use. Pictures of young and mid-age beautiful women wearing sleeveless and shorts. By doing so, they think, men of all age would get attracted and register for the tours, just looking at those pictures of women, expecting the whole tour will be filled with them.

Some tour operators would use pictures of our desi women in the bar, just having an apple juice, which is portrayed as if was a beer. This is just to showcase how open-mind and modern their customers are. Such pictures attract a lot of older men, who are either alone or don’t want to travel with their spouses. These men have a lot of money from their savings, and they don’t mind spending it. They take such trips just for hunting.

The youth today is more attracted to the matured ones, this goes for both the gender. But trapping young men is again very easy with such pictures, especially in early teenage, 16 to 22. The same thing is used by the trek operators, especially the weekend ones, attracting the corporate people. People in need of a break to hook up with someone new for a change, venture out by looking at attractive pictures such as tights, shorts, and singlets. Such pictures are also used for promoting the trekking program on social media.

Though people are getting aware of these advertising model, still the tier 2 and tier 3 cities fall prey to them. I mean merely showing some white legs with thick thighs has always worked, and it will keep working until they go through at least once to find out the reality. The tour operators are just looking for these bakras for their every tour.