Nokia 105 is a best solution, if you are getting bombarded with hundreds of whatsapp messages every day, and can’t find a way to get rid of it. The senders won’t be unhappy that you are not responding the moment you tell them you are using feature phone.


If someone physically attacks you, you can use this phone as your weapon to save yourself. Throw it, hit it, press it, do whatever you can. It’ll cost you just Rs. 999 to get another one. Your life is more expensive than that amount right.

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Watch Video – Nokia 105 – 13 Secrets You Should Know


All phones may die, but this Nokia feature phone is going to be an immortal. The battery of this phone is going to live longer and longer. The best part is the battery can be recharged very quickly, without any smart technology.


Your father used this phone, you are using now, and your children will use it in the future. The Nokia feature phone is going to stay for years and decades.

Nokia 105
Nokia 105


If you lost your smartphone, and want a phone quickly before you decide which new smartphone you want to go for. This is the best emergency phone, which is available in every shop.


Any smartphone you buy is going to cost you at least Rs. 5000, but with that same amount you can buy 4 feature phones for your whole family (4 members).


On your birthday, people send you 50 cakes on your WhatsApp, in which none is eatable. How can you eat that cake from a smartphone? If you are using this phone, then the people who genuinely love you, are going to give you a call and give you best wishes. Because you are not on WhatsApp right. This way you will be able to find those people who genuinely love you.

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If you get angry too often and quick, and you have a habit of venting your anger by throwing things away, like a mobile phone. In that case, having this phone is the best solution for you. This way you will save a lot of money. I mean Buying a smartphone for Rs. 12,000 can be an expensive affair, but in that same amount, you can buy 12 Nokia feature phone, which, if damaged once in a month, still gives you enough stock to last one full year.


Using this phone keeps your low profile. It will not attract the bad guys, who are looking out to steal mobile phones. This phone will block your show off signals, and will deceit your pocket size. This helps if you are travelling in 3rd world countries or areas with a high crime rate.


Since it’s a 2G phone, this phone will not keep on searching for 3G and 4G networks. This way your phone sticks to just one spectrum band (2G) and will not keep switching to 3G and 4G. This will save your battery.


An ordinary man’s phone, be it a rickshaw driver, doctor, officer or sweeper. Nokia feature phone has made its presence in everybody’s life โ€” a phone that has played a significant role in your Progress.


If you are depressed and want to take a break from the external inputs that you receive from social elements in the form of talks, News, thoughts and all. Then this phone is the best medicine for getting out of depression. This phone will not just cut off the overdose of social updates on digital platforms, but at the same time, will make you keep in touch verbally with essential people in your life.


Your Smartphone battery is dead, and you are travelling without any charging facility, or let’s say you are in remote areas. All you need to do is just put the sim card in this phone until you get a charging facility. This way you will not be unreachable.

Coming festival, gift this phone to somebody close to you, someone you love. Attach a letter with that gift, and write down all the 13 points from this article and tell them why you decided to gift this phone to him or her.

This is the most memorable gift one can give.

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Listen Audio – Nokia 105 – 13 Secrets You Should Know

Did you like my article on why you should use the Nokia 105 Feature Phone? Do you have anything to add to the above given 13 points, please let me know by commenting below.


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